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It’s traditional for authors to sign the books they’ve written, but Jeff likes to do things a little differently.  He’s been getting email from Service Members in Iraq who are reading Torpedo.  They only had a few copies over there, to share between a lot of interested people.  Jeff decided to send a few more.  Rather than autographing the books himself, Jeff is trying to turn the custom around.  He’s sending copies of Torpedo to Iraq and other war zones for our service men and women to read, sign, and make comments.  The books each contain a note, asking the reader to pass it on to someone else in uniform.
This is his attempt to honor those currently serving in war zones, to bring to them some small measure of his appreciation.  In turn, the books they sign hold far more value for Jeff than his own signature ever could.  They include, quite literally, the words and autographs of Jeff’s heroes. 
Jeff is also asking deployed readers to email him with comments about Torpedo. He’s calling this effort Operation Autograph.  As of this writing, Operation Autograph Copies of Torpedo have reached USS Nimitz and USS Princeton (both serving in the Persian Gulf), Taji, Ar Ramadi, Camp Victory, Phoenix Base, Balad Hospital, 1st Anglico, Camp Stryker, Kirurk, RCT-7, RCT-2 (all in Iraq), Landstuhl Hospital in Germany, Walter Reed Hospital in the United States, Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan, and one classified location. (We don’t know where it is either.) 

The following are excerpts from Operation Autograph reader responses:

Torpedo kept me riveted to the edge of my rack while visualizing the struggles of Capt. Bowie, the USS Towers and others in their quest for completing their mission for the US on a political world stage as well as plain old survivability.  Jim (USN Customs) Deployed in Kuwait


I wanted to write a quick message to let you know that I have completed your book.  It was outstanding.  It is very much in the same line as a Clancy “techno-thriller” accurately suggested on the cover.  There was humor (the potato) and suspense throughout every chapter.  I read it in 2 days – quick for me.  I was pleased to see a female as a key character in this book – something that Clancy did lack in his earlier books.  Chief McPherson was a good, strong, believable character – the unassuming hero.  The newspaper articles as text and the Torpedo: History and Evolution of a Killing Machine additions were a nice twist as well.  The overall character development is what pulls a reader in – at least it does it for me.  I want to understand a character.  You made this work.  I have signed the inside cover as described on the jacket.  I have also attached a photo with your hat.  Another soldier here has it now and is reading it.  He understands that he should write his name in it after he’s done.  I will then send it to my cousin who is in the Gulf now as a gun boat crewman (E7 type).  He escorts ships into Kuwait City harbor.  I have told him about your book and he is eager to receive this copy and sign it as well.  Again, it was a pleasure to read your book and I will recommend it to others as often as possible.  I have only read “reference”-type books on Afghanistan for the past few months and I enjoyed reading something for fun.  Thank you.  CPT Bryan Tolar (Embedded Team Trainer) ANA 4.3 – Operation Enduring Freedom – Afghanistan



Finally a mail from the man Brad gave your book to.  That’ll be me.  A Captain of the Dutch army, also served in the Navy (Royal Netherlands Marine Corps for 5 years).  I know Brad now since the beginning February, we met in Basrah Air Station.  And I was very honored that he gave me your book.  I think it’s a good idea of you to do it like this.  Hope for you that the book stays in Iraq or maybe goes to Afghanistan??  Who knows, that is the good part of it!  I’m gonna give your book to my mate.  He’s a Danish Major (also army).  I hope you forward all the e-mails you get from the people who read the book, to all the people who have already read your book (the old ones).  I think it’s nice that the old readers know where the book is at any moment; I would like to know that.  Good Bye and please write another book.  Or are you already working on a new one?  Regards, Ed Klok


As you can see, the program has spread beyond the U.S. military.  Copies have made it to the British, Dutch, and Australian armies as well.  We can’t wait to see where it’s going to turn up next.  😉



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