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I have always been a fan of military comics. I’ve loved beetle bailey since I was a kid, and Jeff Bacon’s Broadside captures the flavor of Navy life perfectly.

I started drawing my own comics when I was stationed aboard a destroyer in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. Most of my original efforts seemed to concern the difficulty of getting mail at sea. For a long time, I worked only on paper, but over the past few years, I’ve switched to the computer as my medium of choice. Here are some of mine. I’d love to post some of yours.

Localized Sub

I came across this one on Jeff Bacon’s excellent Broadside website, and I laughed myself silly. As a Sonar Technician in the surface Navy, I found myself in this particular boat too many times.

(This cartoon appears by permission of its creator, Jeff Bacon.)


I did this one shortly after my command was converted to NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Intranet). Because I’d heard horror stories about systems crashed and lost data, I backed up all of my computer files to the command shared drive. Then I backed them up again to an entirely different drive. In the space of twenty minutes or so, the failsafe NMCI conversion process wiped out my original data, the backup drive, and the backup to the backup drive. Since homicide was not an option, I responded with this comic.


The Paul F. Foster had one of the early versions of the On-Board Trainer. It was incredibly buggy, and notoriously prone to crashing if you didn’t bring every component on line in exactly the correct order. It gave our OBT tech a fit. (This comic is a remake of one I did in pen way back in the 1990’s.)


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