Staff Sergeant Carlo A. Alcazar

The commander of an Army Special Forces unit was pinned down by Taliban fire in the Afghani village of Sarsina.  Two of his front line vehicles had been knocked out of action, and he suddenly found himself trapped in a vulnerable building, in danger of being overrun at any second.  Who came to his rescue?  Probably not who you think.

Under other circumstances, the commander would have been extracted by Soldiers from his detachment of the 3rd Special Forces Group.  Unfortunately, his unit was engaged in a vicious firefight with an ambushing force of more than 300 Taliban fighters.

CarloAlcazarInto the fray came three members of Army Civil Affairs Team 745.  Staff Sergeant Carlo Alcazar, Captain Stephen Ward, and Sergeant First Class Drew Kimmey had come along on the mission to render humanitarian assistance to the (now missing) inhabitants of the village.  They were diplomats in military uniforms.  Rear-echelon paper shufflers, not real Soldiers.  But when the bullets and RPGs were flying, Alcazar, Ward, and Kimmey didn’t hesitate.  They rushed to the rescue, engaging the enemy as they charged into the fire zone.  They recovered the ground force commander and several wounded personnel, and then guarded their return to friendly lines.

Staff Sergeant Alacazar was awarded the Bronze Star for his part in the rescue.  You can click here to read the Army’s full description of the incident.

Don’t let the clipboards fool you.  There are real heroes in every service, and in every rating and specialty.

If you ever find yourself in the jaws of an enemy ambush, you might want to call the men and women of Army Civil Affairs.  They may not look like Hollywood’s version of heroes, but trust me…  They’re the real thing.

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