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How long have you been writing?

Since I was about eight years old. When I was a boy, my father would make up wild stories about a bear named Oliver, who drank chocolate milk, and went on crazy adventures. My dad died when I was seven. A year or so later, I decided that I wanted to carry on the storyteller tradition.


Is Jeff Edwards a pseudonym for [insert name of well-known author here]?

Absolutely not. There have been rumors that my books are written by one of the so-called “heavyweight” authors, working under a pen name – like Stephen King and the (now) famous Bachman books. Nope. I’m a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, and I write my own books. Jeff Edwards is my real name. It’s not a pseudonym for anyone else.


Why did you rename Torpedo as Sea of Shadows?

Hmmm… That’s a bit of a long story. When I first decided to follow up Torpedo with other books in the same vein, I thought it might be interesting to structure each book in the series around a particular weapon or weapon system. In the first book, the weapon at the core of the plot was (obviously) the torpedo. In the second book, it was the submarine launched ballistic missile. Unfortunately, “Ballistic Missile” is not exactly a catchy title. Neither are “ICBM,” “MIRV,” “SLBM,” or any of the other associated terms or acronyms for the technology in question.Ultimately, I decided to go with a classical reference for the second book, built around one of the elements of the story. The title I settled on was The Seventh Angel. By the time we had titled the third book in the series (Sword of Shiva), it became clear that we had a bit of a disconnect. The first book was named after a weapon, and the rest all had classical or historical references in their titles. In the end, it seemed to make sense to re-release Torpedo under a new title that better fits the rest of the series.The rest is … as they say … history.


Where do you get your ideas?

From everything. I walk around with pen and paper in my pocket all the time. If I see something, hear something, or think of something interesting, I write it down. Some of those ideas become novels. Some of them become characters, or events, or bits of dialogue in the stories I write..


When is your next novel coming out?

The release date for Sword of Shiva has not been announced yet, but we’re shooting for later this year (2011). Check this page for updates, or click here to send us an email if you’d like to be notified when it’s available for order or purchase.


I’ve got a great idea for a novel! If I give it to you, will you write the book and send me part of the money?

I’d love to, but I really can’t. That kind of arrangement can cause all sorts of legal complications, and I already have more than enough ideas to keep me writing for the next twenty years. If you’ve got an idea for a book, I think you should write it yourself. A strong story hook or a powerful concept can be an excellent first step to writing a good book. I encourage you to take the next step. Don’t give your idea to someone else. Do something with it.


How accurate are the military hardware and combat tactics in your books?

They’re as accurate as I can make them without revealing classified material. Sometimes that means altering my descriptions of tactics or equipment. When I make those kinds of changes, I try hard to maintain the flavor of the real thing, even when details have to be omitted or adjusted.


What is the Lost Chapter of Torpedo?

It’s an actual chapter that was deleted before the book was published. The lost chapter answers a few questions about the disappearance of Seaman Apprentice Jerome Gilbert, and explains some of the events leading up to attack on the British Embassy.If you’ve already read Torpedo, you might enjoy discovering a piece of the story that never made it into print. If you haven’t read Torpedo, the Lost Chapter is an excellent place to start because it sets the stage for all the action that comes later.It’s hidden somewhere on this website. All you have to do is find it…


Are you planning another USS Towers book?

Yes. I’ve started working on the third USS Towers novel, Sword of Shiva, and I’ve got some ideas for a fourth book about the Towers. Beyond that, we’ll have to see what happens.


Why do you choose such wild (outrageous, or unbelievable) political scenarios for your books?

I don’t get this question often, but I do get it. The answer is rather long, so please bear with me….In the past century, we’ve seen a World War triggered by the assassination of an Austrian aristocrat; we’ve seen human beings walk on the face of the moon; and we’ve seen the laws and beliefs of a major nation transformed by bus boycotts and peaceful marches. We’ve seen the collapse of the indestructible Soviet Empire; we’ve seen the cloning of living mammals; and we’ve seen the course of human history altered by a small group of maniacs armed with box cutters. Through the lens of hindsight, every one of these examples now seems plausible. (They must have been plausible, because they really happened.) But before they occurred, any one of the events I’ve just listed would have seemed improbable to the point of absurdity.A course of action that’s completely unthinkable under one set of conditions can become possible — or even inevitable — under a different set of circumstances. If the 9/11 attacks had not inflamed fears of terrorism, could President Bush have rallied enough national and international support to undertake a major military offensive in Iraq? If the twin towers had not fallen, would the ever-expanding Department of Homeland Security even exist right now? Would the Patriot Act have passed? Would legislators have even considered such a law?When you factor in the influence of national leaders with drastically-differing ideologies, things become even more unpredictable. If Al Gore had been in the Oval Office in 2003, would the United States have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. We can’t possibly know, because even small shifts in national leadership and national strategy can affect the direction of world affairs.When I’m crafting the plot of a book, I try to offer my readers something new and exciting, as opposed to re-hashing a scenario they’ve already seen a dozen times. If I go for something unexpected, and I frequently do, I’m going to catch people off guard. But the fact that my scenarios are not comfortable and familiar doesn’t mean they’re not possible. It just means they haven’t happened yet.


What is Operation Autograph?

I send copies of Torpedo to our service men and women in Iraq and other war zones. Instead of autographing them myself, I ask our military personnel to sign the books, make comments, and pass them on to someone else in uniform.Operation Autograph is my attempt to honor those currently serving in war zones, to show them some small measure of my appreciation. In turn, the books they sign hold far more value for me than my own signature ever could.


Where can I get the Torpedo game?

It’s available for free on our Downloads Page.


Will you make me a character in your next book?

No. I won’t make you a character, because my characters are purely the product of my imagination, and I want to keep it that way. However, I might name a character after you in the next book. The character wouldn’t look like you, talk like you, or have your background and mannerisms, but he or she might have your name. We’re working on some ideas to make this happen. Check back here for details.


Why did you stop writing opinion columns?

I love writing columns, but there are more demands on my time now, and I’m trying to put more of my energy into working on book projects. Even so, I manage to sneak out a new column every now and then.


Are you planning a book signing or speaking engagement in my area?

Maybe. Check the Events Page for a list of dates and locations. If I’ve got an appearance scheduled, it’s probably posted there.


Are you available to do an author event in my area?

Maybe. Click here to inquire about setting up a book signing or speaking engagement.



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