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Sea of Shadows Sea-of-Shadows-eBook Click here to download a free excerpt from Sea of Shadows in PDF format.

(Requires Acrobat Reader.) 

Torpedo Game

Based on the novel of the same name, Torpedo the game puts you in command of a high-tech U.S. Navy Destroyer.  Your mission: Hunt down and destroy state-of-the-art enemy submarines using torpedoes and ASROCs (Anti-Submarine Rockets).  The premise and the controls are simple enough, but mastery of this game doesn’t come easily.

We’re currently offering Version 5, which introduces decoys into the game for the first time. If you have an older version, or if you don’t have the game and want to get started, click here.

Click here to download the game

Torpedo Model

A lot of people ask about the 3D torpedo model that we use for producing our digital images.  We created the model in Bryce 4, using Boolean modeling techniques.  We’ve tested it in Bryce 4 and Bryce 5.  It may work with other versions, but we haven’t verified that.

It’s available here for free download, and you have our permission to use it for any legal purpose – private or commercial.

Click here to download the model (compressed using WinZip).

Audiobook Sample

Click here to download a clip from the Torpedo audiobook in MP3 format. (About 1.5 MB).

Recording appears by permission of Blackstone Audio.


Click here to visit an online archive of opinion columns written by Jeff Edwards.  Most columns are available for download in PDF format.

Press Package

Click here to download the Jeff Edwards Press Package in PDF format.

(Requires Acrobat Reader.)



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