Red Phoenix Burning

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Trident Media Group about the possibility of hosting an excerpt from the new Larry Bond novel on my blog.

My reaction was fairly predictable.

Larry Bond? The Larry Bond?  Military strategist extraordinaire?  Inventor of the Harpoon strategy game used to train Surface Warfare Officers?  The man who collaborated with Tom Clancy on RED STORM RISING? That Larry Bond?

Um… Yes.  Yes, I would be interested.  Sign me up.  Now.  Immediately, if not sooner.

I’ve been a huge Larry Bond fan since 1989, when his novel RED PHOENIX kept me tearing through the pages to find out just how badly the shit could hit the fan if the conflict in Korea went hot again. I’ve been waiting for a follow-up novel for about twenty-five years, and it’s finally here!

Larry Bond and his coauthor, Chris Carlson, are back with RED PHOENIX BURNING. This time, the North Korean regime has imploded, and the resulting power vacuum can only lead to a throw down of epic proportions.

I can’t wait to read it. Which brings me to the Bad News / Good News part of this blog.

The Bad News is that the excerpt they sent me is short. Really short.  As in short enough to be kind of frustrating.

The Good News is that the nice people at Trident Media are going to give away copies of RED PHOENIX BURNING to five of my blog readers.

So, check out a little slice of the book, and then stick around for instructions on how to win.

UPDATE:  Thanks for all the great comments!  Our five winners have been selected.  (The rest of us will have to buy our own copies.)


They were getting close, perhaps two hundred meters from the hill, when Guk reported, “We’ve found a body. It’s Chinese.”

That brought him up short. The others with Rhee had heard the report as well, and he signed for them to remain in place. “Confirm Chinese,” Rhee transmitted.

Guk responded immediately. “Digital pattern fatigues, weapon is a suppressed QBZ-03.”

Chinese weapon, Chinese uniform. The pieces fell into place instantly. Pathfinders, sent to seize and hold a strategic chokepoint, like a bridge, were a tactic as old as war. And the others must be Kim faction troops guarding the bridge.

“Engage the Chinese,” Rhee ordered. “Self-defense only against the other side.”

Rhee had barely finished speaking before Ban’s rifle boomed. Even with a muzzle brake and a suppressor, it sounded like a thunderclap. Rhee kept the glasses to his face long enough to see what was likely a Chinese soldier fall, and brought his own weapon up to cover Ban as he hurriedly shifted position forward. Oh was firing as well.

It was another two bounds before they saw any return fire, coming from the Chinese positions. It struck close to Rhee, who was in front, but Ban’s rifle boomed again and Rhee heard Ban report, “Target down.” The Kim side of the firefight was silent, but Rhee could hear the fire from his men, and Guk reported, “Engaged, two down.”

They kept moving forward, up the hill slope, team members staying low and bringing a lethal crossfire down on anyone that shot back.

Finally, they were near the crest, and Rhee saw a dead Chinese soldier, one of Ban’s victims, given the size of the hole in his chest. He switched back and forth between the IR goggles and the night vision binoculars, looking for enemies. All the nearby heat sources belonged to his men or freshly dead Chinese.

Guk’s voice warned, “Coming in from your right,” and the lieutenant and Corporal Dae joined the other three.

What do you think? Pretty damned cool, huh?

All you’ve got to do to win is write a non-SPAM comment on this blog, telling us a little bit about your favorite Larry Bond novel. Or, if you’re new to his work, go ahead and say so.  (Every Larry Bond fan has got to start somewhere.)

The first five people to comment will receive a free copy of the book from Trident Media Group. The rest of us will have to pick it up when it hits the stands in two days.

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22 Responses to Red Phoenix Burning

  1. John J. Miller says:

    I read ‘Red Storm Rising’ and ‘Red Phoenix’ in my early 20’s and they spoiled me for most techno=thrillers (not yours, Jeff). Would love to read more of his latest effort if I get in under the wire.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. chip sieglinger says:

    I’m just finally re-reading Red Phoenix, so the next iteration on the theme by Larry Bond is going to be my next read, one way, or another.


  3. Susan Backus says:

    I have read Cauldron, Vortex, and Red Phoenix Rising and they have all been can’t put ’em down page turners. I’m looking forward to reading everything else he’s written. Anyone got a copy of his grocery list?s

    • Jeff says:

      I’m not done reading his grocery lists, Susan. (You can have them when I’m finished.) In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for a free copy of RED PHOENIX BURNING. Congratulations on being winner #3!

      • Susan Backus says:

        That is so cool! I can’t wait! Love his books as much as yours. Both take me away to places and things I’ll never do or see, and can only imagine through your books. Lots of fun, although I don’t get a lot done once I start one.

        • Jeff says:

          Comparing my books to Larry Bond’s is undeserved, but flattering nonetheless. Thanks!


          • Susan Backus says:

            I am itching to start the new Larry Bond thriller, but so far no one has contacted me about sending my copy. Any idea on how long that takes? Anyone else heard from the publisher yet?

          • Jeff says:

            I’ve passed the names and email address of the five winners to Trident Media. They said they’ll take it from there, but I’ll check in with them tomorrow to try to get a sense of the timeline.


  4. JP Clarke says:

    I’ve read “Red Phoenix” almost annually since it was published. It and Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising” seemed to tell the tale of the battles we trained for during the Cold War. Eagerly awaiting “Red Phoenix Burning.”
    P.S., Pretty good audio copy of “Red Phoenix” is available from Audible.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks for the tip about the audiobook. I’ve read it three times, now I can listen to it. And congratulations on being our fourth winner!

  5. H Mueller says:

    Just started reading these type of books. I’m sure I would enjoy these!

  6. Mary Young says:

    I am a new reader to Larry Bond books. “Red Phoenix Burning ” is right on target and I look forward to reading this book and the first book of this series. Thanks for the information.

  7. Glenn Fulghum says:

    Beginning with Red Storm Rising (which I’ve probably read about 5-6 times) I also read Red Phoenix, Vortex, and Cauldron. The term “page turner” was probably invented for these books, and I certainly look forward to the next one!

    • Jeff says:

      Unfortunately, you were commenter #7, Glenn, so I don’t have a free copy for you. But I agree with every word you wrote. Thanks for the comment, and for sharing your memories of Mr. C and Mr. B.

  8. Bill Koller says:

    Congrats Jeff.

    I look forward to reading this new one By Larry Bond and Chris Carlson. It’s certainly time by about 27 years?

    I also look forward to your new novel, Steel Wind Rising.



  9. Jeff says:

    I’ve contacted Trident Media about the giveaway copies. Hopefully, the five winners will hear from them shortly. If the hold-up goes too long, I’ll personally buy copies for the winners.


    • Susan Backus says:

      I got mine. Thanks Jeff! I had preordered it a couple months ago, so
      I was going to read it one way or another, but always nice to get a freebie.
      Now I just have to wait patiently for your next book. Hurry please.


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